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How do your muscles grow?

The muscle growth process has 3 stages:

Fracture of muscle tissue. Muscles get damaged only during exercises with heavier than usual loads. A constant increase in loads stimulates muscle growth.

Muscle nourishment. Muscle growth requires protein (preferably of animal origin), which is found in meat, eggs, and dairy products.

Recuperation. Muscle fibers will recover naturally under the following conditions: proper sleep and nutrition, rest between workouts

Advantages of home workouts
No need to purchase a gym membership or pay for a trainer. You just acquire an original program and workout in peace at home
Time saving
You spend around 1-2 hours getting to the gym, changing into workout clothes and taking a shower. Quite a luxury not everyone with a tight schedule can afford
Flexible schedule
You can workout at home at any time. You always know that your “personal gym” is in the next room, so no need to rush and shift your schedule around
Psychological comfort
Many people are shy of their bodies, which creates certain difficulties for working out in a public gym. No reason for such discomfort when training at home
Basic home exercises
Basic home exercises
Allows you to strengthen your arm muscles. Depending on you level, you can do the exercise normally or in a simpler form, while standing on your knees
All variants of plank
This exercise targets almost all muscle groups. You can do it prone, pressing either your palms or forearms against the floor. The side plank is a great choice for working out the lateral abdominal muscles
This exercise allows you to reduce your waist volume. There are several options, but for them to be effective, the upper part of your body must remain stationary
The way you place your feet determines which muscle groups are being strained. When performing the exercise, make sure that your knees do not protrude beyond your toes, and keep your back straight
Side lunges allow you to work out your inner and outer thighs. Make sure to keep your back straight and see to that your knees do not protrude beyond your toes
Glute bridge
When you perform this exercise, you’re engaging your glutes. You can also introduce additional weights to make it more effective
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